We began our farm journey in August 2013 with the arrival of 25 baby chicks. Our babies were 6, 5, and 3. We instantly fell in love with our little flock and the interest and desire to do more began to grow. We set out to find a farm with possibility for cattle, more chickens, a larger garden, fruit trees, bee hives and anything else we could imagine. In July of 2014 we found the perfect farm and jumped right in. As we sought out ways to grow our farm into a business, many opportunities presented themselves and we soon found ourselves the owners of over 30 head of cattle. We began selling honey and eggs at our local farmers market and eventually became certified to sell the chicken, beef and pork that we were raising here on the farm. After three years of selling our products at our local markets and also direct to customers, we have come to know so many people who truly value where their food is coming from and how it is being raised. We are so thankful for the many loyal customers who have also become our friends, and are grateful to everyone who has supported our farm and our family along this journey. Now, after 5 years with our foot on the accelerator, it is time for us to step on the brake. A lot has changed in these past few years in our family life to cause us to reevaluate and consider if this is the best path for us in this current season. As our children grow, we see many interests and gifts develop that we hope to encourage. Most of all we hope to cherish these short years as best we can. Although we are stepping away from the business end of farming we will still be living and loving the farm life. I hope to continue to share more stories from our farm journey, as their are many… good, bad and ugly, lol! Thanks again to all who have encouraged and supported us along the way. God Bless!


1 Comments on “Where we started, where we’re going…”

  1. Beautiful farm, but even more beautiful children. You have never shied away from hard work and you have taught your children responsibility, appreciation for their food sources, and a love of nature. The next chapter will be busy, but rewarding as well. I admire your (and Casey’s) dedication to your family. Well done!

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