Buying Directly from Restoration Farms

What you can expect…

There are a lot of questions surrounding the process of buying products directly from our farm. Most everyone is accustomed to buying their meat on a weekly trip to the super market, but I can assure you that once you try purchasing meat directly from the farm, you will not want to go back.

As a small family farm we rely greatly on word of mouth from our happy customers. One of the most difficulty things for us is trying to gauge how many animals we have demand for and must plan out the year accordingly, especially nowadays when the meat processing industry is so taxed. For this reason, we ask that a deposit be made in order to secure your half or quarter share. If we have shares unclaimed or if a customer does not follow through with their commitment to purchase, it is a significant loss to our business.

The first step in ordering your quarter or half is to place a deposit to secure your share prior to the butcher date. On the butcher date, we will deliver live beef to the processor. After the beef is slaughtered, the hanging weight is determined once the skin, head, non-usable organs, and hooves are removed. The carcass is split down the middle and weighed, giving the butcher the “hanging” or “carcass weight”, which is usually around 60% of the live weight. The two “sides” are then hung in a cooler for 7-10 days to age. This improves tenderness, enhances flavor and also further reduces weight due to evaporation. We use this “hanging weight” to calculate the cost per pound.

At butcher time, we go over the selections with each customer to assure their beef is processed exactly how it will be best used for their family. The butcher will process and package the beef in vacuum sealed portions, and freeze it at peak freshness. A quarter or half share will consist of several different cuts of meat such steaks, roasts, ground beef, brisket, etc.

Once beef has been processed and packaged we will establish a delivery date and delivery your quarter or half share directly to your home. While there is an up front cost associated with purchasing a bulk beef share, ultimately it is more convenient and economical than purchasing meat from the grocery store.

Health benefits of pasture raised meat

While cost and convenience are a major plus, the health benefits are by far the best reason to buy direct from Restoration Farms. Our animals are pasture raised, meaning they have year round access to pasture and/or hay. They are never confined in “feed lot” style paddocks. Our beef is not strictly grass fed only, we do finish our beef on Non-GMO grain as it enhances the flavor and marbling in the meat.

“…studies consistently show that pasture-raised animals produce nutritionally superior meat, milk and eggs. When compared to food from animals that were fed grain and raised in confinement, food from animals raised on pasture has better fat quality and increased levels of essential vitamins and nutrients.” (

“…Recent research has found a more extensive increase in vitamins and nutrients as well as an increase in specific healthy fats that help with neural health, cancer, and obesity.” (

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