We are Casey and Autumn Williams, owners of Restoration Farms, LLC located in Newark, Ohio. Our farm adventure (a life-long dream for Casey and a newly discovered passion for Autumn) was motivated by the desire to feed our family high quality, local food. Our animals are humanely raised on pasture where they graze and forage in order to reap the benefits of all that God has blessed us with in nature.  We also supplement their diet with high quality Non-GMO (Non-Genetically Modified) grain feed grown and mixed in central Ohio.

“Restoration” is the act of bringing back something that existed before. Our hope is to play a part in helping to restore the local food economy and encourage others to source local and seasonal food from small family farms. We believe that these small farms are vital to the food system and local economy.

After starting with just one flock of chickens we have grown into a bustling farm, now home to 35 Black Angus cows, York/Berk cross hogs, laying hens, meat chickens, lots of bees, two dogs and 3 amazing “junior farmers” on over 450 managed acres. We enjoy working together as a family, learning countless lessons along the way. Thank you for checking us out and learning more about your farmers and your food.

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