Black Angus Beef


A total of 35 brood cows make up our full blood Black Angus herd. This closed herd for 80 years and counting, grazes daily on pasture and is finished on locally grown Non-GMO grain.

Cornish Cross (Meat Chicken)


Our cornish cross chickens are raised on pasture in open-bottom pens. The pen is moved daily to fresh pasture so the chickens can take advantage of all the nutritious insects and grass as part of their omnivorous diet.

Berkshire Hogs


Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed known for their juicy, tender meat. Our hogs are raised unconfined in a wooded and brush-covered lot where they are free to root and wallow in the shade.

Laying Hens


Our layers spend their entire day outdoors scratching and pecking at worms, insects and plants. We secure their area with electric netting which can be moved along with their coop when they are ready for a fresh stretch of pasture. Because of their natural and nutrient rich diet they produce the most flavorful eggs with rich, golden yolks.

Honey Bees

bees.jpgRestoration Farms is home to 12 bee hives. The honey is harvested twice a year depending on the health and size of each hive. We enjoy the subtle variations in the taste and color of our honey as it changes throughout the year based on the native seasonal plants. Black locust, pear trees, clover, wild flowers, and buckwheat are some of the main sources of pollen for our bees.